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Buy one Classic Belgian Waffle get one 1/2 OFF (Tallmadge only) How we do things Our mission at Wally Waffle is to serve a fun, creative breakfast menu with a smile. To avoid all short cuts that may lead to a stronger bottom line, and instead cook our menu made to order, the way our customers would do it themselves at home (if they were better at cooking breakfast). To specifically be the opposite of any of the big breakfast chains out there, with their microwave shortcuts and cheap quality. Did you know that they sell a pre - made microwave pancake now?! Yeah! You pull the BAG of pancakes out of the cooler, grab one, and throw it in the microwave. Oh geez, I’m off on a rant. Guess what else? They make pre-cooked bacon that you either microwave or reheat on a grill. A salesman tried to tell me what great success some restaurant in Cleveland was having with it. “They go through 60 cases a week!” he says. Guess what sales guy…that’s DISGUSTING! That means the unwitting folks in Cleveland are consuming at least 900lbs a week of this gross, precooked bacon that they think is actually made on a grill (you know, at the actual restaurant). How about all of these customers that order their eggs and say they want “real eggs.” I didn’t understand what that meant for like two years. Then some other sales rep tried to sell us egg “powder(?).” You heat the egg dust(?) in a pot with water until it cooks up to some bouncy mass that resembles a scrambled egg. Sooo gross. You do this in the morning, and then of course you take the yellow mass (that resembles eggs) and put it in a warming pan to serve to unsuspecting customers by the spoonful. Scooped fresh to order, I guess. To any of our customers, I promise that our eggs are all real. They even come with their own shell and everything. How do we make our bodacious, creative menu without the short cuts? It’s very simple. We hire people that are excited to work here. We cultivate them to be high quality cooks that take pride in the dishes that they make. We let them know that we want to be the best breakfast spot in the area, and they need to get on board! How do we ensure service with a smile? We just, hire people that smile a lot. Josh Miletti, Co-Owner Justin Miletti, Co-Owner


100 North Ave
Tallmadge 44278

Just North Of Historic Tallmadge Circle!

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Mon. - Fri.7 am - 2 pm Sat. - Sun.7 am - 3 pm


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